Who I Work With

Sunny Loves To Level The Playing Field
By Out-Maneuvering His Clients Competitors
With Multi-Million Dollar Advertising Budgets
For A Fraction Of The Investment.

He Thrives On Transforming Businesses
Burdened With Costly, Underperforming Ads
Into Lean, Lead Generating Machines.

Google Adwords Qualified Company

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Are You My Ideal Client?

Please know that I am very selective in who I work with and I cherry-pick my clients, choosing to (gently) turn away businesses who aren’t best served by my approach.

While I feel confident that I can help any business grow with Google AdWords there are a unique set of circumstances that I look for in a business before agreeing to take them on as a client.

  1. My ideal clients are currently spending a MINIMUM of $2,000/month on Google AdWords.

    Although I do work with MANY smaller clients, so long as they are progressive thinkers and WANT to GROW their accounts to ACQUIRE MORE CUSTOMERS or to MAKE MORE SALES … So, if that’s YOU … then, go to my Contact Page.


  1. My ideal clients have worked on their Google Ads in-house or with consultants and have “hit a wall,” unable to improve their results.


  1. My ideal clients have already invested and lost a lot of money in Google and are ready to stop the hemorrhaging of funds and start getting results.


  1. My clients can easily understand the value of the results I deliver and what it will mean for their business.


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