Sunny Loves To Level The Playing Field
By Out-Maneuvering His Clients Competitors
With Multi-Million Dollar Advertising Budgets
For A Fraction Of The Investment.

He Thrives On Transforming Businesses
Burdened With Costly, Underperforming Ads
Into Lean, Lead Generating Machines.

Google Adwords Qualified Company

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"He's The Only Person I've Ever Allowed To Work Inside Of MY OWN AdWords Account."

Perry Marshall

"Sunny makes water flow uphill with AdWords.

He's an AdWords Genius, whom I've selected to be my Head Coach for my AdWords Bootcamp Training,  and to teach my Advanced AdWords Coaching Program with me and my co-author, Bryan Todd.

He's the only person I've ever allowed to work inside of MY OWN AdWords Account."

Perry Marshall, Co-Author ofThe Definitive Guide to Google Adwords
Perry S. Marshall & Associates

"You Helped Us Get Conversions That We Had Not Been Getting Ourselves"

Brian Todd


We've had the pleasure of teaching you, and now you've turned around and taught us a host of valuable things. Your work with so many of our AdWords campaigns has been superb - we're continuing to see solid click through rates, excellent quality scores and low bid prices, as well as data you helped us get on conversions that we had not been getting ourselves (believe it or not). Two heads are always better than one.

It's been terrific partnering with you - in addition to work with AdWords Perry and I both have so appreciated your business insights and personal encouragement, and just the cheer that you bring to a room. We look forward to continuing to work with you and being able to share expertise on all things Google, and much more.

Bryan Todd, Co-Author of “The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords”
Perry S. Marshall & Associates

"We Saved 80% In AdWords Expenses Without Sacrificing Sales In Our First Month Of Working With Sunny!"


Working with Sunny has been a pleasure.

He is courteous, direct and definitely knowledgeable on the subject. In our first full month of running his campaigns, our ad spend cost was reduced nearly 80% without sacrificing sales! 

Now that the "dead weight" is out of the old campaigns, we are focusing on tweaking to maximize sales. 

Even though, we are a relatively small budget spender with AdWords, compared to his other clients, I feel he is extremely dedicated to our website and company's success.
Terry Mulder

"Sunny Identified The 20% Of My Keywords That Were Creating 80% Of My Leads And Increased My Leads While Saving Me Money!"

Darrell CrowHi Sunny,
I've just finished our hour and as I looked over our progress the past 3 weeks, two words come to mind.
"Thank You."
This comes right from my heart.  I'm getting the kind of consulting and coaching I've only dreamed about receiving.
Just look at our results in the past three weeks.
1.  Number of keywords went from 500 to over 10,000.
2.  Costs went DOWN by a third.
3.  The conversion rate doubled.
4.  Last week we identified the 20% of keywords producing 80% of conversions
5.  This week we honed in on each very well and we are set for growth.
6.  I'd been receiving 15 or 20 qualified prospects a day, now we're close
to 30 qualified prospects with a plan to drive this number significantly
The thing I like most about your style is you help me to mentally understand the concepts, permanently.

You walk with me and I have a great business consultant with you. 
Selfishly I want you all to myself. 
Realistically, you're an undiscovered national treasure that nobody knows about.
We just set the date for our next meeting and I can hardly wait for it.
Stay well, stay safe, stay prosperous.  And one more thing.
"Thank You."

Darrell Crow Studios

"We Are Leaving Our Competition In The “Dust.”

AmeritaxWhen we first hired Sunny Hills as our AdWords Consultant, I was hesitant and only thought he'd be helping me for an hour or two.
After that first hour, however, my eyes were opened. He quickly reduced our average cost per click (CPC) in a VERY Competitive Niche ... from $12 per click (some of our bids were costing as much as $19.50 each) to an average of only $2.79 per click.
We had been investing about $15,000 per month in Google AdWords & Overture. Once we began working with Sunny, we initially set a goal of getting 35 qualified clicks per day in Google.
Now we average more like 175 to 200 per day. Sunny not only quickly cut our CPC by 80%, but also brought us enough traffic for us to reach and exceed our monthly gross sales goals.
Within a few short months, our monthly gross sales numbers have more than doubled.

We've been able to add staff, increase our efficiency and raise our goals higher than ever before.
We look forward to the weeks and months ahead of working with Sunny, as we are confident that the "Sky's the Limit."
We're leaving our competition "in the dust," and we know this will only continue and get even better.
Bob Crane
President, Ameritax.com, L.L.C.

"My Website Is Now Successful. I Can’t Wait To See Where We Go From Here!"

Hal ColemanSunny has really been an inspiration for me and by business.  I tried so hard for so long to find someone who could help me make my website successful.  I am looking forward to a year of being profitable on the internet thanks to you.
Hal Coleman
Owner of www.NorthFultonExterminating.com


“Sunny Saved Our Google Campaigns!"

Jim Curley

No joke. We were spending $500 a DAY and desperately struggling to get it right. Sunny dove right in, organized our keywords and bids, and made it all look easy. Today our ad placements are perfect and click-throughs are through-the-roof Google AdWords is a profitable venture for the first time!

Jim Curley
BAA Direct


"You Went FARRRRR Beyond What You Had Told Me You Would Do and The Cost Was So Much Worth It."

Hi Sunny,

I just wanted to thank you So, So much for helping me get my first Google AdWords campaign up and running.

You went FARRRRR beyond what you had told me you would do and the cost was so much worth it.
Now I know how to set this up for myself in the future and I also know that I can go back to you for a helping hand, should need be.

Sunny, you are super easy to work with and has insights in to the workings of Google that even rivals Perry Marshall.
I am duly impressed and would recommend you to anyone that would need such services.

You are the best.
Alf Marcussen


“Google AdWords Was Like A Wild Animal Loose In My Company
Until Sunny Came Along."

Bob Pierce

We got our spending under control and profits up.
Hiring Sunny was the best money I ever spent!

Bob Pierce
Threat Response Solutions  


"Sunny Got My Click Throughs Up…
And Budget Down…
And I Got Back To Doing What I Do Best…
Running My Business."


Russ Horine


What a relief it was to get an expert like Sunny working our Google AdWords.

Because instead of running my business, I had become an AdWords zombie, wasting time trying to ‘figure out’ the Google maze.

What a real bargain he turned out to be!”

Russ Horine
Optimum Training Systems



"My Click Through Rate Has More Than Doubled And My Conversions More Than Quadrupled.

More Importantly Sunny Has Helped Me Half The Cost Of My

I spent four years developing my first software product, nose to the grind
stone, no profit, patient wife and no time for my kid. Then finally the
penny dropped that this saying really didn't hold true:


  "build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door"

Four years is a long time to learn this lesson the hard way. So I turned to
Sunny to help me market my 'better mousetrap' with Google adwords. Well
he delivered!

December 2008 before I had Sunny on my side...

  359  74,630  0.48%  £0.34  £122.38  2.51%  £13.60  9

March 2009 with Sunny on my side

  1,235  335,190  0.37%  £0.21  £261.03  3.40%  £6.22  42













My click through rate has more than doubled and my conversions more than
quadrupled. And more importantly Sunny has helped me half the cost of my
conversions. It was costing me over £13 to get each conversion, now it's
nearer £6. And when I see where I am against some of the really big
players in this market (who I know have budgets substantially bigger
than mine) I can't help thinking I'm on to a good thing.

I just wish I'd had the forethought to find someone like Sunny 4 years
ago. Who knows where I would be now if I'd had Sunny on my side from the

Bill Echlin


“Sunny Straightened It All Out
Got Things Organized, Running Smooth And PROFITABLE
Without A Lot Of Fuss."

Dr. Mike O’Leary

All I can say is thank goodness for Sunny Hills.

This guy was dropped from heaven
just as my Google campaigns started to crash and burn.

I am so glad I had an expert like Sunny to lean on.
Great work ethic and he really knows his stuff!

Dr. Mike O’Leary
OHP Golf


"Sunny Has Shown A Tremendous Depth Of Knowledge In Working With ALL Aspects Of Managing Google Successfully."  

Mitch Tarr

I’ve worked with Sunny over a period of 6 months with 4 different Google AdWords campaigns.  Sunny has shown a tremendous depth of knowledge in working with ALL aspects of managing Google successfully.  His methodology of squeezing every last drop from Google is truly unique. He believes you shouldn’t pay a nickel more than you have to for successful PPC.

His ability to write compelling AdWords ad copy and seek out successful keyword groups, has produced some quick results in my accounts.

Mitch Tarr
Email Marketing Guru

"Sunny Gave Me Several Assignments
And Provided The Encouragement I Needed To
Stop Being Intimidated And Start Getting Incredibly Excited"

Joan Stewart

I just wanted to start a reasonably intelligent campaign.

What I got: In just 60 minutes, Sunny laid out a brilliant, strategic
campaign in which I'm not selling anyone anything. Rather, I am bringing them into my
funnel with a series of 89 autoresponder messages over a 3-month period.

Joan Stewart
The Publicity Hound

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