Meet Sunny Hills

Sunny Loves To Level The Playing Field
By Out-Maneuvering His Clients Competitors
With Multi-Million Dollar Advertising Budgets
For A Fraction Of The Investment.

He Thrives On Transforming Businesses
Burdened With Costly, Underperforming Ads
Into Lean, Lead Generating Machines.

Google Adwords Qualified Company

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Meet Sunny Hills
The Robin Hood Of Google AdWords

Sunny HillsIn 1999, Sunny Hills made a radical decision. Stressed out, he sold his booming audio-visual systems business and put his focus on creating a better life for himself. He bought a beachfront condo in beautiful Hawaii (in cash!) and retired at age 47.

Retirement didn’t last long.

Sunny always dreamed of sharing his passion for positive thinking with the world. He began creating CDs and selling them on internet. After training extensively with Perry Marshall (the pioneer and reigning educator of Google AdWords), Sunny took his online business from a dream to a cash cow that continues to allow him to follow his bliss. He also learned that he had both the gift and the passion for winning the Google game.

Sunny’s mastery of the highly competitive Adwords system led to him to be one of the featured speakers at Perry Marshall’s
sold-out Google AdWords Conference in Chicago in 2006.

Sunny loves to level the playing field by out-maneuvering his clients’ competitors with multi-million dollar advertising budgets for a fraction of the investment. He thrives on transforming businesses burdened with costly, underperforming ads into lean, lead generating machines.

He chooses to work with only a few select clients because he’s having so much fun with his wife enjoying the beaches of Hawaii.



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