Sunny Loves To Level The Playing Field
By Out-Maneuvering His Clients Competitors
With Multi-Million Dollar Advertising Budgets
For A Fraction Of The Investment.

He Thrives On Transforming Businesses
Burdened With Costly, Underperforming Ads
Into Lean, Lead Generating Machines.

Google Adwords Qualified Company

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Save 30%-50% On Your Adwords Consulting Fees While Dramatically Increasing Your Conversion Rate

If you’re investing more than $2000 per month on Google Adwords and you are not seeing the results you had hoped for, then you have come to the right place.

Get Control Of Your Google Adwords Campaigns And Start Seeing Results Like This:

checkmarkA savvy investment trainer now spends 200% less on each conversion, while simultaneously increasing his leads, and is now expanding into European markets with confidence.

checkmarkAn insurance company CEO pays $4 per click in a market where some competitors pay $66 per click, beating all of the ‘big guys’ with multi-million advertising budgets in his industry.

checkmarkA foreclosure expert went from paying 3.60 per lead to 1.70 per lead saving him over 55% per month, while increasing this leads  by 500%.


My Name Is Sunny Hills
And I’m The Robin Hood Of Google Adwords

With my expertise and vision I can rescue your campaigns from your own in-house staff, an overworked business owner, or an expensive, formulaic agency and lead your Ads to victory over your competitors and the Google machine.

Find out how I do this here.


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