Sunny Loves To Level The Playing Field
By Out-Maneuvering His Clients Competitors
With Multi-Million Dollar Advertising Budgets
For A Fraction Of The Investment.

He Thrives On Transforming Businesses
Burdened With Costly, Underperforming Ads
Into Lean, Lead Generating Machines.

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My Approach To Putting Money Back Into Your Pocket With Google AdWords

So what does it take to see the results you want with Google AdWords?

It takes knowledge, experience, determination and discipline to gain an edge in the marketplace and beat your competitors and the Google machine, time and time again.  

So allow me to share what I bring to my work, as it will give you insight into how I manage to consistently out-maneuver other marketing “experts” and expensive consulting agencies.

  1. The “Me” Factor

At the core of what I bring to the table is an inexplicable “me” factor that simply can not be replicated. I am a creative individual who brings all that I am to my work - my success as a business owner, my education and training, my intellect, intuition, and first-hand knowledge of what it takes to beat Google (and your competitors) in multiple industries.

  1. I Believe My Clients Are Unique.

Each of my clients’ accounts is looked at holistically and strategically. You’ll find no cookie-cutter formula here. And you can bet that 100% of your competition is either using formulaic software or trying to do it on their own. Two sure-fire losing strategies.

  1. Consulting Agencies Have Great Programmers, Not Adwords Expertise.

I have trained with the pioneers of AdWords consulting and internet marketing and made a success of markets that no one would touch.  And no one is as highly recommended for account design and maintenance by the top AdWords educator. Simply put, the consultancies can’t hold a candle to my level of expertise.

  1. Google Changes And Evolves All The Time.

In fact, their systems are upgraded every 30 days by some of the smartest people in the programming world. You’ll need someone on your side who can play the Adwords game, stay in the game, and win against the best programmers in the world.

  1. Everyone Is Doing The Same Thing.  

I approach your account intuitively much like an artist combines their skill set and intuition to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. This may sound funny as Adwords is, in essence, a strategic game of logic. However, my sharply honed inner directive has me consistently innovating new strategies using extreme scientific methods that other agencies and experts never even think of. And they work.  

  1. I Have Worked Within A Multitude Of Markets.

Everyone in your industry is marketing the same way. The Insurance markets the insurance company way, and all Dentists market themselves in the same manner. I have worked with dozens of clients in dozens of industries and can leverage the diversity of my experience to your market resulting in campaigns that stand out, get noticed and attract the right leads.  

  1. I take Pride In Creating Results For Less. 

It’s easy to get a lot of traffic through Google by spending lots and lots of money. Anyone can do this. But this approach does nothing to guarantee the quality of your traffic. It’s just wasteful. While my clients don’t sweat investing in their Adwords Campaign, in 1-3 hours a week of my time I can save you 30% - 50%, while increasing the your number of leads.

  1. I Believe In Cycles Of Continuous Improvement.

I’m never satisfied with status quo. I creatively apply the best strategies, test it, step back and evaluate the results, eliminate what isn’t working and move your accounts forward with the winning ideas. I repeat this cycle of controlled continuous improvement with the goal to carefully craft your campaigns into successful results.

The Bottom Line: I look for effective ways to market your business that no one else in your industry has ever thought of.

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